"JK Paper Ltd. - The Socio - Economic game changer of Fort Songadh"

Given the locale of the entire project , we had the advantage of having plenty of data relating to the changes that shaped the town of Fort Songadh and its neighbouring areas. The geographic location though strategic, falls in a pre-dominantly tribal belt where a majority of population hadn't opened their eyes to progress. They were mostly herders, gatherers while the daring ventured to nearby places in search of employment with whatever skill they could manage. With official records and verbal testimonies aplenty, the story of progress- owing to the establishment of JK Paper Ltd. is almost folklore. Furthermore, the investigative nature of the project was both enriching and educative as we closely got to see empowerment of an entire sector and populace. As the Plant added pages to its success-saga, many households got a reliable fall-back and dared to dream of a decent livelihood and lifestyle. There are hundreds of large-scale industries in our country, almost every one of them has a local-workforce and practices Corporate Social Responsibility yet JK Paper can be rightly called as the game-changer of Songadh's social and economic scenario because every third person you come across - is involved ( directly or indirectly) with the plant. Right from the local gas-station who claims to have seen a soar in sales due to the vehicles carrying raw material to the plant to the vegetable vendors catering to the local inhabitants- almost 85% of the population has something to thank JK Paper for. It is almost a revolution that has sparked off a ray of hope amongst the population and their generations who would otherwise have to depend on an already- overworked government machinery for sustenance. Songadh underwent a transformation in its social outlook as well, the cosmopolitan nature and the smooth merging of cultures, cuisine and languages- is exemplary.

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