The Plant has a workforce of around 1,000 skilled hands on its rolls, most of which come from the neighbouring hamlets and outskirts. A majority of these have managed the basic vocational training necessary for securing a job and are not quite in a position to upgrade or relocate where job-opportunities exist. We spoke to a few of these employees who were of the opinion that life would have been tough in the absence of the Plant. They would have been forced to look for work in distant cities at the cost of their families. Further, since these workers are very often the sole bread-winners of their family, anxiety for a stable job always looms large.  This is where the Company lends a helping hand. JK Paper has hired these people in every area of the factory and provided them with decent salaries and perks. The analysis of the sub-ordinate staff/non-managerial skilled employees is cited here. The data was collected from the Human Resource and Development Department of JK Paper and our team also got to interview the HR Chief - Mr. H. K. Sharma. In addition to the non-managerial skilled employees, the Plant also employs the best of executive cadre , sourced from India as well as the United States.
As per the data available to our cyber team from the HR Department of JK Paper, we prepared a chart and you can get an idea from this.
This date is updated as on 01-04-2013. Please keep in mind, we prepared a chart of employees who come from weaker section of society. This table indicates that how these weaker sections of society get benefits of employment in their own house with out relocating themselves far from their dears and nears.

No on
Workmen 680 40 249 311
Staff 89 00 05 77
Casual 73 03 40 15
MCS 313 00 17 28
Total 1155 43 311 431

Employment Chart
Employement Chart 2013

This data is indicative of the workforce who are permanent employees of the plant. In addition to this, more than 1000 people are engaged in various departments of the plant on contractual and daily wage bases.

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