A Self Help Group (SHGs) is a village-based group of micro entrepreneurs usually having between 10-20 local women each. Members make  regular contributions over a few months until there is enough capital in the group to begin lending. They pool in their resources to become financially stable and ensured that every member of the group is self - sufficient.

In an effort to empowering tribal women and help them to get self employed, JK paper has formed 5 Self Help Groups (SHGs).  JK paper has tied up with Shroff Foundation Trust (SFT), Vadodara for Capacity Building under CSR activities. A Self Help Group (SHG) is a village-based group of micro entrepreneurs usually having between 10-20 local women.

JK Paper with the help of Shroff Foundation has provided training in making of various products of daily use for example:-

JK Paper Limited  helps 5 self help groups in livelihood generation.

Further in this regard, the plant has adopted 4 Self Help Groups at Fort Songadh. Most of these SHG members are made literate through an initiative by the Adult Literacy Program. JK Paper has also helped them to get benefits from the Government under "Mission Mangalam Project" to start Tea & Snack Stalls at Child Development Program Office campus and Taluka Panchayat Office campus. These groups are running their stalls efficiently, since 2013. On their request, the company further provided them Electric Sandwich Toasters. Members appreciated the assistance provided by the company, which they said would help them improve their earning.

JK Paper has opened & supported 9 Self Help Groups (SHGs) which are engaged in livelihood generation through different means. Based on the need, assistance has been provided in the form of Steel Containers, Gas stoves, Pan, Kettle etc.

Hetvi Sakshi Mandal
Office Campus - Songadh
Prasansha Sakshi at Taluka Panchayat
Office Campus - Songadh
New Sakhi Mandal - Police Station Campus - Songadh
The above SHGs have 45 members (15 each) all women, who run a Tea Stall in rotation while getting required items as assistance from JK Paper Ltd. and expressed their gratitude to the company.

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